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International SEK Paraguay School - News

From the Principal´s Office


This week I would like to give you the good news that the IUNIT Center (International University Center for Business, Innovation and Technology), attached to the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid (www.iunit.iesedu.com) has joined the International Institution SEK.
As you know, our Institution is one of the largest private educational organizations in the world, with schools and universities in 16 countries. With the incorporation of this center, the commitment to offer an educational proposal of excellence is extended to another strata of university education, giving the possibility to our students, alumni, teachers and parents, around the world, to access master's degrees, postgraduate courses and continuous training. We congratulate those who are overseeing this new project, wishing them great success.

The integral education that we promote, directs special attention to create awareness of solidarity in our students, therefore, throughout this course, we will be collaborating with several entities at local and international level, such as the VIC Foundation, of the Sisters Carmelitas de Vedruna, supporting them with projects to raise funds and other activities, from each of our Centers. In these projects, the CLUB DE ALUMNOS, whose members will be elected in the coming days, will play a leading role. We have held the first assembly of the year with the participation of secondary and high school students, to internalize the election process, an experience that will contribute to their civic education.

And finally, the newspaper 5 Días, focused on the field of economics and business, has described our School as an institution of "elite" ranking it among the 10 Schools most influential in the country in its February 13th, 2019 edition. If we interpret this analysis, within the line of our ideology, it is a sign that we are on the right path, committing our excellent students to contribute, through solid principles and values and altruistic spirit, to leaving in its wake the SEK style, building a better society and a better world.


Carolina Urbieta

Directora General


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